The Hares of Horsenden Hill

The Hares of Horsenden Hill

Update: 2020-10-09


Ealine is travelling home from work on the day on which lockdown is announced.  Weary from her workload, anxious about the future and worried about events in her past she deviates on her route home to visit Horsenden Hill where events from the ancient history of West London, Ealine's present and future coincide.   The Hare of Horsenden Hill is the origin story of Ealine from our audio drama Hare Spell and a prequel to events in that story. 

The Hares of Horsenden Hill is written by Sarra Culleno and published by Mookychick.  

Ealine and the narrator were played by Stevie Skinner 
Amy Forrest played the hares 
Chris Gregory was the voice of the ancient storyteller
Original music was by Inge Thomson
Sound effects were from
Sound design, mixing and production were by Chris Gregory

In this episode we include an excerpt from the new podcast called The Portal by British musician and composer Martin Green.  As one third of the band Lau Martin has played numerous gigs and festivals.  He's also released a good deal of solo work and collaborated with other musicians in producing his work.   The Portal is Martin's venture into the world of podcasting and we're sure listeners of Alternative Stories and Fake Realities will enjoy it.   Listen to The Portal by searching "the portal martin green" in your favourite podcast app or follow the link below

To find out more about Martin and his music follow this link

To find out more about Sarra Culleno and her work please follow her on twitter here

The Hares of Horsenden Hill is published by Mookychick.  Heres'a link to their website so you can read the original story and check out their other wonderful content









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The Hares of Horsenden Hill

The Hares of Horsenden Hill