DiscoverSomething You Should KnowThe Hidden Rules of Ownership & The Story of Money
The Hidden Rules of Ownership & The Story of Money

The Hidden Rules of Ownership & The Story of Money

Update: 2021-03-015


How much gold is on our planet? And have found most of it? This episode begins with some fascinating intel on gold including how much gold is actually in an Olympic Gold Medal and how much more gold is on a Nobel Prize.

Why would Disney or HBO encourage you to share your passwords illegally? If you own your home, how much of the sky above it do you own? These are just some of the interesting things about ownership you will hear discussed with Michael Heller, one of the world’s leading authorities on ownership. Michael is professor of real estate law at Columbia Law School and co-author of the book Mine! How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives (

Where did the idea of money come from? Why do we all agree that pieces of paper and metal discs actually have value? It is a fascinating story which you will hear told by my guest Jacob Goldstein, co-host of NPR’s Planet Money program and author of the book Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing ( Jacob discusses things about money you probably never knew including why there are more $100 bills than $1in circulation and who is using them. 

Autographs are interesting. Famous people sign their name to a something and people collect them. Listen as I explain what type of autographs are actually valuable and which ones are worth little more than the paper they are printed on - and why.


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The Hidden Rules of Ownership & The Story of Money

The Hidden Rules of Ownership & The Story of Money

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