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The IcePod Trailer Two

The IcePod Trailer Two

Update: 2019-10-16


In the second trailer of the IcePod we talk to the mathematician and climate scientist Thomas Rackow. Thomas joins the organizing team of the MOSAiC School as a lecturer on climate and sea-ice modelling. About twenty early career scientist were lucky to be chosen to participate in the MOSAiC School that takes place aboard the Russian icebreaker Akademik Fedorov. The Fedorov supports the German research icebreaker Polarstern on her transit into the central Arctic. Once arrived in the Arctic, Thomas Rackow and the MOSAiC School participants will help the various MOSAiC teams to set up a Distributed Regional Network of observational sites within an area of up to ~50 km distance around RV Polarstern frozen into the ice. When Thomas Rackow is back from the central Arctic, we are going to meet him in the studio of RadioWeser.TV for a full interview. So stay tuned for our first episode of the IcePod, coming in November!

The IcePod is the podcast about polar science and the people. We’ll talk to scientists who went on board Polarstern, the German research icebreaker, for the biggest research expedition in the Arctic. The IcePod is the official podcast of the Year of Polar Prediction initiative to improve weather and sea-ice forecast in the Arctic and Antarctic.

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The IcePod Trailer Two

The IcePod Trailer Two

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