DiscoverHow to MoneyThe Insidious Nature of Gig Work #419
The Insidious Nature of Gig Work #419

The Insidious Nature of Gig Work #419

Update: 2021-10-06


Anytime you see a commercial for prescription meds, everyone always looks so happy- they’re 100% living their best life! But what about those insane side effects?! If you’re considering taking those medications you’ll have to seriously consider whether or not it’s going to be worth it for you. And we believe similar considerations need to be given when it comes to gig work. On the surface gig jobs seem like they could provide you with all that you’re looking for- flexibility, income, autonomy! And with an easy to use app on your phone you could be earning an income before it’s time for lunch. But we believe there’s a darker side to gig work as well. So during this episode we’re going to address both sides of the argument, we’re going to help you to determine if gig work is right for you, and then we’ll help you to think through choosing the best one for your life.

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The Insidious Nature of Gig Work #419

The Insidious Nature of Gig Work #419