DiscoverCulpableThe Investigation Pt. 1 | 11
The Investigation Pt. 1 | 11

The Investigation Pt. 1 | 11

Update: 2019-08-1990


Dennis travels with Jacob to meet Sheila Wysocki, a private investigator. Sheila and her team of PIs agreed to investigate Christian’s case. A strategy is devised with the first step being a trip to Key West, FL, where Whitley is residing. Jacob travels to Key West, FL with three PIs (Michael Kenney, Jay Marin, and Claudia Barrios) and the investigation begins.

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Comments (18)


You've gone and sensationalise it.. disappointing.

Nov 5th

Robyn Francis

I work in Key West, crazy she's down here.

Aug 30th


just curious. what's the name of Sheila's podcast?

Aug 28th
Reply (2)

lisa bradford

I could barely make out a word Jordan was saying!!

Aug 20th


The whole thing Jordan said about meth is EXACTLY WHY this got buried. The cops or Bilbo or someone higher up than Whitley and Dylan were making money because Meridian is a small town and usually cops in smaller towns can get away with so much more as a good ole boy system. I am not even religious, but Pray for justice for this family. Christian didn't deserve this.

Aug 19th
Reply (1)

Susan Simpson Shalla

You have done such a great job with this case. thorough explanations of the beginning, the middle and your continuing work to come to a conclusion and seek justice. one (?) that keeps haunting me is that it was said Whitley tested positive for gun powder. if this is the case, how long does it stay around? surely (being a woman), she would of washed her hands at least a few times before Christian was shot. therefore wouldn't her hands beclean of the powder? (or even showered). this is one of the best podcast I have heard. an amazing job. I commend you on your hard work. just wish I didn't have to wait for next week to continue listening.....😔 to Christian's family, I can't imagine the horrific pain you have gone thru losing your son. the dedication in seeking the truth shows the unbelievable love and bond you had for your son. your incredible hard work is going to payoff. 🙏

Aug 19th
Reply (3)

ejw o331

This is so interesting! how do they fund these big ops?

Aug 19th
Reply (2)


I'm unable to access show notes for episodes past ep.8 on the website. Jordan's testimony is really difficult to understand.

Aug 19th
Reply (2)
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The Investigation Pt. 1 | 11

The Investigation Pt. 1 | 11

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