The Joy of Service

The Joy of Service

Update: 2019-11-15


IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. Many of us want to have an impact on this world. We want to be a positive force in people’s lives. When we can take a step back and consider how our actions affect others, we can discover the joy in being of service. The way you deal with the people in your business and personal life is essential. Practicing the habit of service will increase the amount of happiness in your life and might also ripple out into your business. For this Five Minute Friday, I revisit a conversation I had with Shep Gordon, where he discussed why he is devoted to serving others. Shep Gordon was the manager behind mega-talents like Alice Cooper, Blondie, and Teddy Pendergrass and knew everyone who is anyone in the music and Hollywood business. He is also credited with creating the role of celebrity chefs through his work, bringing them into the spotlight. His fantastic career has led to both a documentary about his life (directed by Mike Meyers) and a recent memoir written about him, published by Anthony Bourdain. Shep Gordon thinks we could all enjoy the art of service when it comes to life and business. Learn about the power of serving others in Episode 876.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

The importance of service and focusing on others. (2:50)
Building a brand based on happiness. (3:30)
The importance of reinventing yourself. (4:30)
How he found his passion for life. (4:55)

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The Joy of Service

The Joy of Service

Lewis Howes