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The Keys to Finding Houses to Flip

The Keys to Finding Houses to Flip

Update: 2020-08-20


I'm fired up today! Here are two very common conversations in my day that drive me bananas:
1. Them: MLS and wholesale deals sell too fast, Debbie! My market is saturated with investors, Debbie!

Me: Tell me about it, sis; I'm in friggin' Austin, TX, for crying out loud.

=> Do you see that the problem isn't that there aren't deals, it's that you're not making buying decisions fast enough? And you may be taking too long so that you don't actually have to do the thing and you can just keep sitting on the sideline... *That's a whole 'nother conversation

2. Me: Okay, so go direct to owner and cut out much of the competition.

Them: I don't want to spend time driving around or money marketing for deals. What if it doesn't work?

Me: Well, keep not doing it and you know for sure that it will keep NOT working for you.

Only you can actually choose to show up.


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The Keys to Finding Houses to Flip

The Keys to Finding Houses to Flip

Debbie DeBerry