DiscoverIndoctriNationThe King James Virgins w/Rachel Holdt & Elizabeth Humble
The King James Virgins w/Rachel Holdt & Elizabeth Humble

The King James Virgins w/Rachel Holdt & Elizabeth Humble

Update: 2024-04-241


Rachel Holdt and Elizabeth Humble are sisters who were raised in an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church they’ve now identified as a Cult, Cornerstone Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In 1998, Rachel was the whistleblower instrumental in the eventual arrest and criminal conviction of Charles Dean Miller, the son of a pastor who would become known to be a decades-long serial pedophile. After law enforcement investigations were corroborated by multiple generations and dozens of victims, his sexual abuse of underage girls was discovered. Liz and Rachel’s forthcoming memoir tentatively titled “The King James Virgin and Other Myths of the IFB” tells this story.

Rachel currently resides in Southern California, where she works as an educator in the field of biomechanics through the modalities of dance and pilates. Her extraordinary experiences growing up in an oppressively restrictive environment that harshly policed the female body, inform her teaching philosophy through a lens of empathy and inclusion of all bodies.

Elizabeth currently lives in Oklahoma near her three daughters and two granddaughters, where she works as a barber, seamstress, and food truck owner. She also sits on the board of the Stillwater Downtown Association. Elizabeth attended Nazarene Bible College and later obtained a business management degree following her barber schooling at New Mexico Junior College.

In this first half of a two-part conversation, Rachel and Elizabeth provide background on their childhood as members of an IFB-based cult, offering insights on the effects of restrictive environments, psychological and sexual abuse, and the lasting impacts these abuses had on their adult lives.

Before You Go: Rachel points out how rare it is for children raised in cults to maintain healthy relationships with their family members.

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The King James Virgins w/Rachel Holdt & Elizabeth Humble

The King James Virgins w/Rachel Holdt & Elizabeth Humble

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