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The Lakers Need Help (Again)

The Lakers Need Help (Again)

Update: 2024-01-05


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In this episode, we discuss the recent win by the Detroit Pistons, breaking their 28-game losing streak. We then shift our focus to the struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers and the potential issues between coach Darvin Ham and the team. We then debate the Lakers' roster and the need for a consistent 20-point scorer. We also speculate on the future of Coach Ham and whether the Lakers will make any trades to improve their team. The conversation covers various topics including the Lakers, the Get Back in the Gym segment, Draymond Green, Ricky Rubio, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the LA Clippers, and All-Star voting. In this episode, we engage in a lighthearted conversation about beards and facial hair. We discuss our own experiences with growing and maintaining beards, as well as the challenges and insecurities that can come with it. We also share funny stories about barbers and discuss some of the worst NBA beards we've seen.


The Detroit Pistons ended their 28-game losing streak with a win over the Toronto Raptors.
The Los Angeles Lakers are facing challenges, including roster issues and coaching decisions.
The Lakers need a consistent 20-point scorer to improve their performance.
There is speculation about the future of Coach Darvin Ham and potential trades for the Lakers.


00:00 Introduction and Detroit Pistons' Win
03:13 Struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers
13:29 Discussion on Lakers' Roster and Coaching
22:38 Speculation on the Future of Coach Darvin Ham
28:33 The Need for a 20-Point Scorer on the Lakers
30:12 Potential Trades for the Lakers
30:34 Discussion on the Lakers
32:23 Get Back in the Gym segment
36:41 Discussion on Draymond Green
43:14 Shoutout to Ricky Rubio
44:14 Discussion on the Oklahoma City Thunder
48:48 Discussion on the LA Clippers
53:36 All-Star Voting
58:17 Beard Talk
01:00:00 Desired Facial Hair
01:01:40 Barber Stories
01:03:49 Worst NBA Beards
01:05:10 Closing Remarks









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The Lakers Need Help (Again)

The Lakers Need Help (Again)

Jeffrey Jacobo, Micah Speight, Nygel Turner, Justin Jones