The Language of Rape | 7

The Language of Rape | 7

Update: 2019-07-0271


Episode 7: Paige St. John sits down with fellow journalist Laura Beil to discuss why victims, police and the media struggle with how to talk about rape.

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Comments (19)

Nicolle Pedott


Sep 2nd

Penny Nelson

What staggers me is the hypocrisy of the police when announcing his arrest known by many names.... They neglect to mention the word "colleague & co-worker". My understanding is that he raped 49 women whilst in the employ of the police!

Aug 3rd

Apple Betty

Thank you for taking the time out to speak about the women who are going through this horrific event and taking care of them as much as you can while telling their story. I am astounded that the attacks that happened back in the 70's won't come to justice because of the statue if limitations. This was made up by a man and needs to be changed, it is appalling to me. This creep is still getting away with victimizing people even tho he is in jail awaiting a trial, 5 years?? That is completely unacceptable.

Jul 17th
Reply (1)

Rachel Vaughan

as a 25 year old American woman I absolutely disagree that these crimes and the public reaction to them is "unfathomable" to my generation of women. Rape, misogynistic violence, male superiority complexes, victim blaming and sexism are still extremely prevalent facts of life. our justice system may have more technology to solve these crimes at hand but the attitudes expressed in the 70s are still widespread today. case in point: our current president has been accused 22 times and counting of sexual assault, and 4 times and counting of rape. where is the outrage? where are the investigations into these crimes? we can't pretend like women today aren't being abused, disbelieved, blamed and discarded just as they have been for generations.

Jul 10th
Reply (12)


They're really milking the success of Dr Death, aren't they?

Jul 4th

West MI Warbler

Slightly distracting... I feel like I’m listening to Terry Gross (Fresh Air/NPR) talking to Mary Steenburgen (Actress) about the Golden State Killer case.

Jul 2nd
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The Language of Rape | 7

The Language of Rape | 7