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The Last Thing You Want To Do While You Game

The Last Thing You Want To Do While You Game

Update: 2021-01-21


This is the worst unless you know this SECRET

Marty here.

Last week, I wrapped up the end of the Splinter Cell: Stealth Action Redefined playthrough.

Nostalgia is always bittersweet. It was an amazing game back then, and it has withstood the test of time.

Back in the day, it was an escape for many. It was a vehicle to unlock the imagination, as well as, exercise problem-solving skills as a super secret modern day ninja with night-vision goggles and a suppressed pistol attempting to prevent global catastrophes.

Today, it’s still the same thing….an escape.

I had so much fun streaming it for you guys, and it even caught the attention of the latest voice actor for Sam Fisher a.k.a. “Zero” in Rainbow Six Siege.

I know you know what the last thing you want to be doing while you game, whether it’s sneaking around as Sam or playing some other game….talking about work.

Today on the UnicornWerewolf Stream, I’m going to be showing you what a UFC Fighter/Streamer had to say on the subject of gaming and fighting and how you can use it to supplement your income without ruining your gaming experience.

This SECRET  is a proven system to bring you new fans on autopilot so you can make new friends that will support you in your career without ever asking for a sale….and that means more hang out time gaming.

See you on stream!

Come hang out and watch the part one of the Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow playthrough at


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The Last Thing You Want To Do While You Game

The Last Thing You Want To Do While You Game

Marty White