DiscoverGeek FreaksThe Last of Us, Star Trek's Future, and TikTok Ban
The Last of Us, Star Trek's Future, and TikTok Ban

The Last of Us, Star Trek's Future, and TikTok Ban

Update: 2023-03-21


Hey all! Welcome to this week's episode of Geek Freaks, where we dive into the latest news and updates from the world of superheroes, gaming, and pop culture. In our intro segment, we asked our Twitter followers who their favorite superhero is and why. Stay tuned to hear some interesting responses.

We are also excited to announce the Sacramento Mario Kart Grand Prix brought to you by Geek Freaks, happening on April 15th. Check out the link in the description to sign up and participate in this exciting event.

Moving on to our news segment, we'll be sharing our thoughts on Shazam 2 without any spoilers in just 5 minutes. We'll also discuss some quickies, including Willow's cancellation after just one season, the new Lord of the Rings Magic cards featuring the ONE ring, and the Hitman games being put on hold as IO Interactive shifts its focus to 007. We'll also talk about the ongoing Diablo 4 Beta, including the long wait times and the chance to win random game codes at KFC.

In another exciting announcement, Zack Snyder has teased a 3-day event in late April with Darkseid. Do we really need any more DCEU? What do you think it will be and what do you want it to be? We'll also discuss Ben Affleck's recent statement that he will never direct a Batman movie and his thoughts on Flash being his best work.

We'll also touch upon the recent concerns about the US potentially banning TikTok and discuss the pros and cons of the platform over the years. We'll also share what TikTokers are saying and explore some alternatives.

Moving on to Star Trek news, we'll talk about the impact of Discovery and what we want to see from the series moving forward. We'll also challenge our co-host, Thomas, to watch a Star Trek episode selected by Jonathan and Frank.

In our Last of Us Season 1 review, we'll dive into the story without spoilers and discuss how the second game will be covered in seasons 2 and 3. We'll also touch on Naughty Dog's plans for the third game and debate whether Joel was right or wrong.

In our network news segment, we'll share the latest updates on our Disney Moms interview, Challenge Accepted's next movie, Dark Knight Rises, the Outlast Podcast, and Next Level Up, which will be covering the OG Resident Evil 4.

To wrap up the show, we'll share our recommendations for the week. So, tune in and join the conversation on all things geeky and freaky!

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The Last of Us, Star Trek's Future, and TikTok Ban

The Last of Us, Star Trek's Future, and TikTok Ban