DiscoverThe DailyThe Latest: But Is It Impeachable?
The Latest: But Is It Impeachable?

The Latest: But Is It Impeachable?

Update: 2019-12-0525


The House Judiciary Committee opened a new phase of the impeachment inquiry by tackling a fundamental constitutional question: What is an impeachable offense? All the witnesses testifying in today’s hearing were in agreement, except one.

“The Latest” is a new series on the impeachment inquiry, from the team behind “The Daily.” You can find more information about it here.

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Nancy Loomis

Gotta go through all the impeachment steps, even without any Repub participation (slimy suckups) as the Constitution requires it. But there needs to be a public forum and/or the Dems just need to go after Trump for being the biggest LIAR to ever darken the doors of the WH. Trump's lies are so well -documented, so obvious and there are so many of them. This won't get him impeached but it might shut him up just a bit, cause him public embarrassment (he hates that and lives in fear of public humiliation) and it would be a more certain way to make sure he loses 2020. Saying "I was just kidding, it was was no big deal"and the like won't help him with a full on public assault of his lies. Think about it: Trump lies to the American public virtually every single day. Signed, a Proud NEVER TRUMPER.

Dec 10th

Sandy Claflin

impeachable or not there was a crime committed and a precedent set for the future it said that a president can be swayed. this can lead two other countries asking for favors or if a favor was granted it could lead to Blackmail. maybe instead of looking at it food politics it should be looked at through the countries interest.

Dec 5th
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The Latest: But Is It Impeachable?

The Latest: But Is It Impeachable?