DiscoverWhy Is This Happening? with Chris HayesThe Lockdown of Kashmir with Hafsa Kanjwal
The Lockdown of Kashmir with Hafsa Kanjwal

The Lockdown of Kashmir with Hafsa Kanjwal

Update: 2019-10-224


Over the past few months communication coming in and out of Kashmir, the highly contested land between India and Pakistan, has been increasingly difficult. The Indian government lead by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken steps to blackout the region in to order to once and for all place Kashmir under Indian control. The move has been roundly condemned by international groups, and serves as another dire warning of ostensibly liberal democracies engaging in authoritarian and illiberal behavior. This week, Hafsa Kanjwal, a Kashmiri Muslim woman and assistant professor at Lafayette college, talks about the complex history of Kashmir and the current lockdown the region now faces.

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Rishabh Gupta

I think Dr. Kanjwal does an excellent job at highlighting the human rights violations in the Indian part of Kashmir. And none of that is justified. But I think a lot of the history was current geopolitical factors were overlooked. For example legally Kashmir is a part of India because of the Instrument of accession and yet India got UN involved for mediation on the issue. While it's true that the UN resolution required India to conduct a plebicite, it was conditioned on Pakistan withdrawing it's army from the area (area which it illegally took) as the very first step which Pakistan never did. The issue of terrorism was also pretty conviniently side stepped.

Nov 1st
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Tatyana Noyb

Thank you, Chris and co, for your consistent pursuit of just information dissemination, yes on so many horrors taking place everywhere. And as such, isn't it time someone covered Ukraine and Russian war on their territory? 13000+ died in the few past years. Quid pro quo circus blocking tragedy in plain sight. Surely you could find experts not like the two clowns on bail but someone credible. Perhaps someone who was jailed by Russia. I challenge you in the kindest of requests. :)

Oct 23rd
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The Lockdown of Kashmir with Hafsa Kanjwal

The Lockdown of Kashmir with Hafsa Kanjwal

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