The Look Back: August 2021

The Look Back: August 2021

Update: 2021-09-10


This is a new type of shorter episode that we'll be putting out each month, called "THE LOOK BACK!". In these, we'll be looking back at the previous month's episodes and giving you a rundown of them. That way, if you somehow missed one, you can get the low down on what you missed. Pretty handy eh?

We'd still recommend that you check out the podcast proper. And if you haven't already, then look for us on your podcatcher of choice and subscribe. It's 100% free to do so, you know.


We usually do these Look Back episodes together, but Squidge was quite ill when we were planning to record it and ended up having to bow out in order to get better. So it's just me and RUSSELL this week folks. Anyway, roll the intro music RUSSELL.

Rolling in 3 ... 2 ...

This is a new type of shorter episode that we'll be putting out each month, called "THE LOOK BACK!". In these, we'll be looking back at the previous month's episodes and giving you a rundown of them. That way, if you somehow missed one, you can get the low down on what you missed. Pretty handy eh?

One quick note: we ended up putting out fewer episodes than we'd planned last month. We went into the reasons for this in our previous Look Back episode - so definitely give that a listen if you'd like to know why.

We'd still recommend that you check out the podcast proper. And if you haven't already, then look for us on your podcatcher of choice and subscribe. It's 100% free to do so, you know.

Make sure that you check out the show notes which should be showing in your podcatcher. There are a tonne of links in this episode, and they'll all be right there in your podcatcher. You can also read along with the episode if you wish.

We're also going to be doing something a little different with this month's Look Back, so stick around to find out what.

Jay, tell the people what they might have missed.

Episode 123 - Ten Minutes of TV Time with Morgan Ritson

This past month - August 2021 - we put out two brand new episodes. The first episode was an interview with a new friend of the show: Morgan Ritson; we called it Ten Minutes of TV Time with Morgan Ritson. Morgan is one heck of a funny guy, and we tried not to edit out too many of his jokes and skits.

We didn't release a teaser for this episode, because it would have been exceptionally difficult to distil all of the humour and deep game narrative analysis (sometimes happening at the same time) into a 2 minutes clip. Squidge actually tried to to this, and it ended up being a copy of the episode - in all its 95 minute glory.

Like I said, Morgan is an exceptionally funny gentleman; but he's also a very deep thinker. We met Morgan on the discord server for [lock-on] - a new gaming journal from the folks over at Lost in Cult. As a side note, if you've not heard of them then you should listen to our interview with them, from February.

Anyway, we talked about Sekiro and the lack of narratives which focus on reluctant footsoldiers, the Final Fantasy series as a whole and the trope of the tragic villain, Dragon Quest and the birth of the JRPG genre, and we dropped him off at the Thunder Plains for a spell.

Morgan is also a talented voice artist, and you should consider hiring him. You can contact Morgan on twitter: @MorganRitson

You'll definitely have to give this episode a listen if you haven't already, because it was so much fun to make and listen back to. Check your podcatcher for a link.

Here comes Jay, again

Episode 124 - Mad Max in Bright Colours with The B

🎵Gotta catch 'em all, doo dee doo.🎵

A week after Morgan's episode, we got together with The_B and tackled the fact that Pokémon turned 25 this year.

Are you feeling old yet?

We had one heck of a conversation with The_B about the global phenomenon that is butterfly catching... I mean Pokémon. We called this episode Mad Max in Bright Colours with The B. And when I say episode, I really mean it: the final edit of the episode was 2 hours and 12 minutes. But don't let the length of the episode put you off, it's split into easily digestible chunks.

We had Squidge run this episode, because he knows WAY more about Pokémon than I do. At the time of recording the episode, I had only played Pokémon Blue for the GameBoy. We recorded this episode on July 4th, and since then I've had the joy of playing through the majority of Pokémon Let's Go, Eevee!

In this episode of the 'cast, we reached out to some friends and Pokémon fans for community comments, and we weren't disappointed. Among the people who go back to us where:

But what did we actually talk about? Everything Pokémon related. From the games (and how there have been 122 of them so far) to the TV shows, and from the movies (plural) to the effect that TV show's intro song can have on a room of 1000+ people.

🎵It's you and me, something something Caterpie!🎵

Those are the words, right?


Looking Back on the Year

As of the release of this episode, we're slightly more than two thirds of our way through 2021 - the year is almost over, folks. And because of that, we wanted to take a look back at some of our favourite episodes from this year. Squidge and I discussed the criteria for this, and rather than just saying:

Every episode from the year so far
- Jay

we wanted to bring our own reasons for picking two episodes each. We'd encourage you to go back and give these episodes a listen. If you're not already subscribed, you can do so for free by checking out

As a reminder, because Squidge was unwell, I've recorded his parts for this.

What's your first pick, Squidge?

Woah, hold up Russell. First, we have this:

the following is a promo-spot for the Starfleet Leadership Academy podcast. Be sure to check out their show, and listen out for a promo of ours, appearing on an episode of the Starfleet Leadership Academy soon.

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As I was saying. Squidge?

Squidge picked episodes 108 and 109 - Resident Evil Apocalypse With Andrew Dickinson - Shakey Fist Logic as his first episode

I'll allow both parts because Squidge is not well

And this is what he had to say as to why:

Ever wondered how 2004 resident evil sequel movie has powerful bar charts that activate BOW's?  Is it a good idea to fight in a graveyard? I love this episode mainly due to the fact that I argued that Leg-fu is what you need to save the day, I never won arguments by the way.
- Squidge

And I can see why he chose it. As with all of our episodes, this was a super fun one to record; it's also part of our Waffling Taylors Goes To The Movies series, where we talk about the movies which were made in order to cash in on some of the bigger video game properties.

Both of these episodes were released in March of 2021, and featured long time Waffling Taylors friend Andrew Dickinson

He's on the show quite a lot, but not as much as The_B; who has 21 appearances to his name, whereas Andrew has five

What was your first pick, Jay?

Episode 100 with Special Guest Asterios Kokkinos

So I wanted to avoid any of the "Raw with Jay" episodes - which you should totally check out on our website


I'd have to say that my first pick goes to Episode 100 with Special Guest Asterios Kokkinos - check your podcatcher for links to the episode and the show notes.

This episode was recorded almost completely on a whim, as we never thought we'd actually get Asterios; but he's actually a really nice guy. If you don't know, Asterios is an Internet-based comedian and serial podcast creator - like, way more so than me.

My reason for picking this episode was that it was SOO much fun to record, and not just because Squidge and I got serenaded by Asterios. We had such a great time with Asterios and I'm positive that anyone who listens to this episode will have a fantastic time, too.

What's your second pick, Squidge?

Squidge's Second Pick

For his second pick Squidge went with another two parter, this time it was episodes 104 and 105 - Looking Back with Sean Haas

Again, I'll allow it.

and here's why:

Friendly orange glows, mmo's and punch card programs? What is this all about? I love this episode because knowing where you have been is just as important as knowing where your going from a tech point of view.

This was yet another amazing episode with an amazing guest. For those who don't know, Sean is the host of a show called The Advent of Computing which is about how computers, video games, and digital technology got to where it is today.

And finally, Jay's second pick

Jay's Second Pick

For my second pick, I chose episode 112 Wonderfully Dizzy With Philip Oliver - check your podcatcher for links to the episode and the show notes.

It's not every day that you get to meet someone who quite literally started the UK video game industry. Philip and his twin brother Andrew are the creators of 209 video games, most (but not all) of which came out in the 1980s and 1990s. They really know what it takes to make a video game fun and engaging. And I can say for certain that Philip is an amazingly friendly chap.

We talked with Philip about how he and his brother got into video games, a little about their most famous character: Dizzy (how could you not talk about Dizzy with one of the Oliver Twins?), and we asked Philip to pick the top three games he had ever worked on - not an easy task, as he ended up with six.

Coming up This Month

Here come some teasers for September's episodes.

September is going to be [lock-on] heavy, as we have interviews with both Andrew Dickinson and Jason Maddison ready to go. You'll remember Andrew from his 5 separate appearances on the podcast.

We might need to replace Jay with Andrew

Wait a minute...

It is done

That's what you think!

Anyway, we chatted with both Andrew and Jason about volume 2 of [lock-on], what folks can expect from it, and how they can support it. As I said earlier, we interviewed Jason and John Doyle about [lock-on] before its first release, back in February. But these episodes are more in-depth looks at some of the things that are specific to volume 2.

The chat with Jason was almost dominated by discussion of his article from volume 1 called "I Have Lived", which is a touching piece about his childhood and the video games that he played - and one which rang true for both Squidge and myself. You will NOT want to miss this one, folks.

Make sure to subscribe. For free. Check your podcatcher for a link.

We have another few episodes up our sleeves fro September, but we're keeping those a secret for now.

We think you'll agree that this coming month's episodes are looking and sounding great. Keep an eye on the podcast feed or our YouTube channel for the trailers when they drop.

Wrapping Up

Keep an eye open for more of these retrospectives each month.

I'd also like to wish Squidge a speedy recovery.

Get well soon, Squidge

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The Look Back: August 2021

The Look Back: August 2021

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