The Look Back: June 2021

The Look Back: June 2021

Update: 2021-07-02


This is a new type of shorter episode that we'll be putting out each month, called "THE LOOK BACK!". In these, we'll be looking back at the previous month's episodes and giving you a rundown of them. That way, if you somehow missed one, you can get the low down on what you missed. Pretty handy eh?

We'd still recommend that you check out the podcast proper. And if you haven't already, then look for us on your podcatcher of choice and subscribe. It's 100% free to do so, you know.

Episode 118 - The Cupboard of Shame: Iron Man

This past month - June 2021 - we put out four brand new episodes. The first episode was the first in a series by Squidge: The Cupboard of Shame: Iron Man. This will be a series of episodes looking at a demon of his own creating: The Cupboard of Shame.

We know that time and effort are needed to make any game, and he is in no way saying each game is bad or indeed shameful. Just out of the ordinary for him to have purchased them. He'll be aiming to cover one game in each episode, giving the reasons for not only buying it but also how much playtime he gave the game in question.

And what a way to start it off: by looking at the movie tie-in Iron Man The Video Game of the Movie of the Marvel Universe of the Comic Books of the Game of the Movie.

... or something like that.

Along the way, Squidge talked about the awards that it won (not many), the controls

Ever wondered what battling a bag full of badgers while dangling off a cliff in a high wind was like? Well, now you do.
- Head Squidge

Which pretty much sums that up. It's not all bad though, as Head Squidge asks this question:

You gonna go back and complete it someday then? Or are you going to leave it in the cupboard of shame not completed Mr I-love-retro-games-man?
- Head Squidge

You'll have to give the episode a listen if you want to find out whether he will or not. Check your podcatcher for a link.

Episode 119 - Raw With Jay: Entitlement

One week later, Jay put out another one of his ranty episodes: Raw With Jay: Entitlement. You can think of the Raw with Jay episodes as either a series of rants or things that he wants to cover outside of the rest of the show. There's nothing stopping us from coming back to them, but he wants to take a whack at them first.

This episode was one that he's wanted to do for a while. He'd hinted at this in his previous rant on Graphics vs Gameplay, but this time it was all about the entitlement that some gamers seem to have. Some gamers seem to think that they can make demands of games developers - or indeed the hardware manufacturers, and in some cases, the retailers - because they play games.

Pro tip: you can't.

Jay spent a little time talking through basic economic theory (supply and demand), the fact that some game markets have different priorities and gaps, went back to an old blog post on the Game Gear Micro, and even dropped some knowledge on how much it costs to license the players for a FIFA game.

Pro tip: it's a lot - like a stupid amount of money.

The lesson in this episode is a particularly hard pill to swallow, and it was actually written and recorded weeks before a Twitter exchange that Jay had about this very topic with Twitter user Top Loader Check your podcatcher for a link.

Episode 120 - Tomb Raider Turns 25: Raiding Tombs With the B

This year saw Lara Croft's Tomb Raiding adventures turn 25. To celebrate, we asked The B to join us in doing a little cavernous exploration, on the hunt for a GameBoy Printer - we also talked about the Tomb Raider series... like a lot.

We talked about our first Tomb Raider games (not all of us picked the first game, you know), our favourites, least favourites, and just how important Lara was for 90's pop culture.

pro tip: a lot - so much so that we decided to leave a swear by The B in the show, as it was warranted.

I really enjoyed our conversation about the Tomb Raider games, and you will too, I just know it.

Coming up This Month

We thought we'd give a little teaser on what's coming up this next month (July, 2021); you heard it here first.

First off we have a conversation with MAZGaming about his YouTube channel, staying positive, his games collection, and something he deeply regrets doing as an early teen (an exclusive story, too). If you haven't seen the stuff that MAZ puts out then you're doing yourself a disservice. He's also re-launching his YouTube channel very soon with a series that will allow him to flex his filmmaking skills, so go subscribe now.

After that we have an exclusive interview with Evan Wolbach, the developer of the Outbreak series of games. Evan joined us to talk about the latest entry in the series: Outbreak: Endless Nightmares. This latest entry is a 3D, survival horror, dungeon crawler, roguelike... with **three** different camera systems to choose from. Evan also dropped some _very_ interesting insider knowledge about the game and its development. You'll definitely want to give this one a listen, folks.


Indeed, Russell.

After that, we have an incredibly fun conversation with Morgan coming up. Morgan is a wonderfully funny gentleman, does Voice Over work, and is looking to get into podcasting (you'll be able to say, "I was there when he had his first appearance!"). We talk about the amazing Sekiro and Final Fantasy 14 (maybe we should get him on the show with Lulu?), with Sekiro allowing the player to take a huge part in the lives of the NPCs that surround them - something that not many games do.

And we have one last episode for July, but we're keeping the subject under wraps for now - we wouldn't want anyone to steal our idea.

We think you'll agree that this coming month's episodes are looking and sounding great. Keep an eye on the podcast feed, or our YouTube channel for the trailers when they drop.

Wrapping Up

So that's what we put out in June. Keep an eye open for more of these retrospective episodes each month, that way you'll know about the episodes that you may have missed.

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The Look Back: June 2021

The Look Back: June 2021

The Waffling Taylors