The Look Back - April 2021

The Look Back - April 2021

Update: 2021-05-07


This is a new type of shorter episode that we'll be putting out each month, called "THE LOOK BACK!". In these, we'll be looking back at the previous month's episodes and giving you a rundown of them. That way, if you somehow missed one, you can get the low down on what you missed. Pretty handy eh?

We'd still recommend that you check out the podcast proper. And if you haven't already, then look for us on your podcatcher of choice and subscribe. It's 100% free to do so, you know.

Episode 111 - Raw with Jay: Let's Ditch the Gatekeepers

This past month - April 2021 - we put out four brand new episodes. The first episode was a Raw with Jay about gatekeepers. You can think of the Raw with Jay episodes as either a series of rants, or things that I want to cover outside of the rest of the show. There's nothing stopping us coming back to them, but I want to take a whack at them first.

This episode was all about why I think gatekeepers exist in the gaming space, where I think they came from, and just how stupid the whole idea of gatekeeping really is. Pro tip: it all goes back to when we were kids. Also, who cares about how, where, or why you play. Let's just all play together. Right?

Episode 112 - Wonderfully Dizzy With Philip Oliver

Next was an interview with Philip Oliver (one of the creators of Dizzy) and one half of The Oliver Twins - a legendary UK games development team. Both Philip and his twin brother have around 40 years of game development experience, EACH. And they were at the helm of some of the best games of each decade.

 A game about an egg, or so it may seem, from eventual success with games spanning decades to the humble beginnings in their childhood bedrooms. Philip takes us through his journey in game development from the 80s up to the 2020s.

One of my favourite parts of the episode was when Philip dropped the bomb that, back in their peak, both he and his brother were creating new games at the breakneck speed of one per month.

Episode 113 - Parasite Eve - Let's Learn About Wigglies

Then we released another "Waffling Taylors goes to the Movies" episode; this time with a twist.

- Russel

We focussed on a movie of a book, which itself was the basis for a game (the book that is, not the movie) : Parasite Eve.

We've done seven of these movie episodes now, and we're planning on doing a _lot_ more. We'll be slowly iterating towards what I think is the only good video game movie, but I'm keeping the name of that one close to my chest.

Unlike when we recorded our Resident Evil Apocalypse episode, we didn't commit the cardinal sin for movie discussions - we kept the episode well under the length of the movie, coming in at 50-odd minutes shorter than the movie itself.

But for the Parasite Eve episode, we managed to go into as much detail as the Resident Evil Apocalypse episode without going over the running time of the film - probably because there isn't that much happening in this film, to be fair. We even found the time to talk about the nu-wave of Japanese Horror of the 90s and early 2000s - which I expanded on in the show notes.

Episode 114 - Alien vs Predator with Jane Whittaker

After we had a lot of fun interviewing Jane Whittaker. Jane was one of the folks who worked on Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar. We talked about what Jane had been playing, what they would take with them to the Thunder Plains.

Wrapping Up

So that's what we put out in April. Keep an eye open for more of these retrospective episodes each month, that way you'll know about the episodes that you've missed.

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The Look Back - April 2021

The Look Back - April 2021

The Waffling Taylors