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The Lovers' Lane Unsolved Murders

The Lovers' Lane Unsolved Murders

Update: 2020-09-282


Billy and Paul look into the unsolved murders of Cheryl Henry and Andy Atkinson from August 1990. The two went on a double date before parking at a local lovers' lane in the Houston area. Before and after the murders, the area saw a trend of missing women. Could they all be related?

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And they were given the option for a no- knock warrant and did not do it. They had 2 separate addresses for him. They tried one and he wasn't there, so what would you do? I would try the other one and I believed them when they said that they knocked. Acting like several officers are evil enough to just go in and try to shoot people is ridiculous. I am truly fed up with this country and the media. If you all think that the police are so bad in this country , then I don't want any one else calling them when they need help. But everybody trusts them when they're in This was a tragedy, but my grandma always said, if you lay down with dogs, you are going to come up with fleas

Sep 29th


I read that Jamarcus Glover was her ex- boyfriend and they were still close He had used her address very recently as his address, He was a drug dealer and used her address so that's one of two address' they had on file for him. Doesn't mean she should be killed but acting like they totally went to some random address that had nothing to do with her is wrong on your part. And, acting like it is because she was black and those police officers targeted her is almost evil. What if they had been convicted based on the media of muder. it was very unfortunate but this was not intentional and you know it People act like they meant to just go kill some black people. Especially considering you were former law enforcement, makes it worse. She was still very much hanging out with him and was not as squeaky clean as you act. Please read up on the facts of a case before you go out and claim that people are racist. shame on you!

Sep 29th
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The Lovers' Lane Unsolved Murders

The Lovers' Lane Unsolved Murders

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