DiscoverDogman Encounters RadioThe Man Wolf Files! - Dogman Encounters Episode 415
The Man Wolf Files! - Dogman Encounters Episode 415

The Man Wolf Files! - Dogman Encounters Episode 415

Update: 2022-07-091


Tonight’s guest, Karac St. Laurent, considers himself to be a cryptozoology researcher, but he majored in Anthropology, at Keene State College, in New England. Soon, he’s going to be teaching cryptozoology courses, at the Housatonic Valley Regional School, in Connecticut too. Karac’s been researching cryptozoology, seriously, for about 15 years now. While he’s interested in learning what he can about cryptids and the experiences eyewitnesses have with them, all over the world, he’s particularly interested in cryptid accounts from Africa and Australia. He’s produced 3, feature-length, cryptid documentaries, but he’s here to talk about his most recent project. It’s called The Manwolf Files. The Manwolf files is a docuseries, that’s available on YouTube, that takes an objective look at whether Dogmen are really out there or not. On Episode 1 of The Manwolf Files, Karac takes a close look at 1 of the most well-known photographs, purportedly showing a real Dogman. It’s called the Barnyard Dogman Photo. What were Karac’s findings? Is the photo genuine? Does it really show an actual Dogman? We hope you’ll tune into Episode 1 of The Manwolf Files and find out. Here’s a link to it…

Here are links to the 3, feature-length documentaries referenced in tonight's show...

1. The Legend of the Marlborough Monkey

2. Wildmen of the Wampanoag

3. Release The Bodette Film

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The Man Wolf Files! - Dogman Encounters Episode 415

The Man Wolf Files! - Dogman Encounters Episode 415

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