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The Mansion on Ocean Boulevard

The Mansion on Ocean Boulevard

Update: 2020-09-0924


In this Dateline classic, when two tragic deaths occur within one week of each other in a wealthy area in California, families begin to wonder what happened inside a beachfront mansion. Josh Mankiewicz reports. Originally aired on NBC on November 9, 2018.

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The Everyday Bombshell

I've studied this case many times over. I do not believe this was a suicide. In fact, I think that this was retaliation against Jonah. It's very easy to see how someone could be furious at a man who made his millions through increasing the sales of cancer medication. As far as anyone outside of the medical field knew, Max was going to survive...and the word was that Rebecca had saved him. So if someone had attempted to kill the young boy in retaliation but the boy survives, the next person in line through which they could hurt Jonah would be the hero Rebecca. I've always believed that the FBI should have looked more carefully into the threats that Jonah's company was receiving from people who lost family members that couldn't afford the medication the company made. I think if my loved one was denied medication that could have saved their life, I might be tempted to get revenge as well. I would never harm a child but I bet there are people who could justify it by saying you took my loved one away from me and I'm going to take yours. To date no one has taken a serious look into these threats. Despite the fact that Max's death IS suspicious. Despite the fact that the gymnastics of this type of suicide are preposterous. Ask yourselves: how does a town like Coronado clear two murders quickly, so as not to worry the wealthy population that lives there? You declare one an accident and another a suicide. And wash your hands of it as you walk away.

Sep 11th


That mother sounds like a Kunt. No Asian woman is going to hang herself NAKED so her family will feel mortified on top of being grieved. It's like Muslim woman using her headscarf to fashion it as a thong bikini to wear b4 hanging herself What f✓ckibg BS. There's an old Korean saying, NOTHING but bad comes out of taking care of other's kids. Stay away from men w/children. I went on a date w/a guy who said how good his ex gf was w/his kids. OMG lol. I was like, I can't even take care of myself! Besides, I'd rather adopt more poor voiceless animals - that stay innocent even when they grow up!

Sep 10th

Rob Claypool

miss km

Sep 9th

Rob Claypool

great as always

Sep 9th
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The Mansion on Ocean Boulevard

The Mansion on Ocean Boulevard