DiscoverMy Perfect FailureThe Mary Poppins of Startups Naily Makangu
The Mary Poppins of Startups Naily Makangu

The Mary Poppins of Startups Naily Makangu

Update: 2022-12-04


MPF Discussion with Naily Makangu
The Mary Poppins of Startups Naily Makangu

About Naily,
Naily Makangu's passion is helping startups and small businesses deliver complex software projects and launch products.

She is a Software Engineer turned "The Mary Poppins of Startups", with over ten years of experience turning around struggling technical projects and organisations, from seed startups, scale-ups all the way to large organisations such as Siemens Industry Software. Her impact portfolio includes taking an organisation from the brink of closure to winning five awards in less than a year. Some of the awards included “Most Outstanding Leader” and “Best Trainer” in the UK, and “Best Local Growth & Development Program” in Europe.

Whether as a Startup Advisor or working closely with the team, Naily helps her clients go from dreaming about an idea, to building a prototype, launching a product that customers want and putting together the structure to deliver projects on time and on budget. More importantly, her work is driven and cemented by one clear vision - leaving behind the legacy of a HAPPY and productive Workplace Playground, where leaders grow and people thrive.

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Mary Poppins of Startups) Naily describes starting her career as a Software Engineer at Siemens before carving her own path into Interim Management, Leadership and is now an award-winning Trainer.
Naily real passion however is working with organisations in the startup space helping them navigate and come through the inevitable pitfalls and firestorms they encounter that can cause their businesses to crumble if not addressed.

Naily's particular gift is helping her clients understand how they can change their environment from a workplace and into a Playground environment full of growth, opportunity and cohesion. Some of the areas we cover.

Tips to really understand and connect to your work colleagues
Gaining real leadership skills from volunteering
How much are we prepared to pay to achieve what we want?
Having a passion for doing things that do not fit a role and creating a new opportunity
Seizing opportunities
Why work should feel like play

Connect with Naily
Check out The Mary Poppins of Startups Podcast giving your startups or business the tools to build your first prototype, reach product-market fit and blossom -

Connect with me on Twitter @NailyMak or on LinkedIn if you’d like to find out more:

Watch episode with myself on Naily's podcast (The Mary Poppins of Startups Show)

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The Mary Poppins of Startups Naily Makangu

The Mary Poppins of Startups Naily Makangu

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