DiscoverThe Mojo Radio ShowThe Mojo Radio Show EP 273: Experience: The Road to Success - Jesse Cole
The Mojo Radio Show EP 273: Experience: The Road to Success - Jesse Cole

The Mojo Radio Show EP 273: Experience: The Road to Success - Jesse Cole

Update: 2020-05-10


Jesse Cole, the owner of Savannah Bananas Baseball Team, has welcomed over 1 million fans to his ballpark. The company won Organization, Entrepreneur and Business of the Year, plus 3 CPL Championships. The Savannah Bananas have sold out three straight seasons and have a waiting list in the thousands. Author of "Find Your Yellow Tux – How to Be Successful by Standing Out," Jesse's mantra is Whatever's Normal, Do the Exact Opposite. Amazingly valuable show.   How does Jesse like to reply when people ask, what do you do? How did Jesse come to spend $1.8 million to buy the Savannah Bananas in 2016? Savannah Banana's 90-year history of professional baseball heritage. How did they take to the showmanship? Jesse is ok with and almost seeks out criticism. How does he approach that? They sold their house, emptied their savings, slept on air mattresses. At that low point, what kept the relationship tight? People crave human interaction. Is a sense of true human interaction diminishing? Why do so many companies settle for what's normal? We settle for the status quo. The Lion King opens every game. What's the symbolism? What's a PFT (perfect fan testimonial)? How do we use a PFT? How does the coach bring a high-performance focus to baseball, but additionally an entertainment performance? The name of the company is "Fans First." Has Jesse named the company after his mission? How does Jesse implement that strategy of point of experience? Who is Jesse's alter ego? Alter ego is a part of you; it's not all of you. Who is Jesse Cole's alter ego away from the yellow tux? What belief system does Jesse switch off, when he puts on his yellow tux? Jesse was fearful of publishing his first blog. Why would the ultimate showman fear a blog? What doubts does Jesse still have of himself today? What's the Ideapoluzza Jesse will use with his team? Think time = innovation time. Where is his think time? Jesse pays his staff to read books and submit a book report. The philosophy Jesse has of "walking through the door." You wouldn't believe the mantra!   LINKS  

Jesse Cole's Find Your Yellow Tux website

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The Mojo Radio Show EP 273: Experience: The Road to Success - Jesse Cole

The Mojo Radio Show EP 273: Experience: The Road to Success - Jesse Cole