DiscoverThe Mojo Radio ShowThe Mojo Radio Show EP 276: Resilience In An Everyday Way
The Mojo Radio Show EP 276: Resilience In An Everyday Way

The Mojo Radio Show EP 276: Resilience In An Everyday Way

Update: 2020-05-31


This show is about discomfort and the degrees of discomfort that lead to growth. Many of our guests speak of the profound impact discomfort can have on our lives. Kaley Chu, the author of "100 Lunches with Strangers," was a young shy Chinese girl who pushed herself to arrange 100 lunches with complete strangers. In finishing the challenge, Kaley realised her confidence had grown enormously, and the experience had transformed every single aspect of her life, all by getting get out of her comfort zone.

When people ask Kaley what she does, how does she like to reply? Born and raised in Hong Kong, how did her background impact how she lived in Australia? How were the perceptions of herself holding her back? Kaley's identity was built on being Asian. How has Kaley changed her core identity as a result of the lunches? Did Kaley's parents influence her identity and beliefs? How did people's perception of Kaley change after a few lunches? How did Kaley handle the rejections? Did Kaley have resilience or determination in any other areas of her life? This project has given Kaley a new way of seeing herself and is now finding other ways to challenge herself. The lunches gave Kaley a sneak-peek into other peoples lives ... "is that what I want?"   Links   Kaley Chu    Kaley's Life Mission: raise enough funds for one million cataract surgeries 'Gift of Sight'  Never Too Far Down | You Can't Stop Us | Nike    The Mojo Radio Show Patreon page   Top 10 Cowbell songs of all time   The Mojo Radio Show website The Mojo Radio Show on Facebook   The Mojo Radio Show on Twitter   The Mojo Radio Show copyright Gary Bertwistle & Darren Robertson   Products or companies we discuss are not paid endorsements. They are not sponsored by, nor do we have any professional or affiliate relationship of any kind with any of the companies or products highlighted in the show.... sadly! It’s just stuff we like, think is cool and maybe of interest to you our listeners.   “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”. Hunter S Thompson.

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The Mojo Radio Show EP 276: Resilience In An Everyday Way

The Mojo Radio Show EP 276: Resilience In An Everyday Way