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The Molly Jane Matheson Story

The Molly Jane Matheson Story

Update: 2022-06-06


Molly Jane Matheson was raped, strangled and murdered in 2017 by a former intimate partner. Since her murder, Molly Jane’s mother, Tracy Matheson, has fought for justice for both Molly Jane and other women who have experienced sexual assault. In this first ever live episode of the Podcast on Crimes Against Women, Tracy Matheson courageously shares the story of what happened to Molly Jane, her journey to reveal the truth throughout the investigation of her daughter’s murder, the establishment of Molly Jane’s Law in the State of Texas and the founding of Project Beloved: The Molly Jane Mission.  

Tracy Matheson is a wife, a daughter and a mother of 4. She and her husband, David, have 3 sons and 1 daughter. It is her daughter, Molly Jane’s life and tragic death, which showed her what her true life’s calling is…a momma on a mission. She founded Project Beloved: The Molly Jane Mission in 2018 in response to unimaginable pain and works to use that pain to help change the conversation about sexual assault and empower survivors to find their voices. Tracy serves on the Sexual Assault Survivors Task Force for the office of the Governor of the State of Texas. She also worked to get a law passed in the 86th legislative session and Molly Jane’s Law is now law in the state of Texas.  

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The Molly Jane Matheson Story

The Molly Jane Matheson Story

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