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The More You Tell, The More You Sell w/ Marty Gilbert

The More You Tell, The More You Sell w/ Marty Gilbert

Update: 2022-07-11


In this episode, we invite Marty Gilbert. He is the Founder and CEO of the NorthShore Executive Networking Group. His marketing and general management background have helped job seekers more effectively promote their value to employers.

What you will learn:

- Why did Marty start the NorthShore Executive Networking Group
- The ‘What The Hell’ approach to job search
- The ‘Trickle-Down’ approach to getting landed
- What should job seekers know about the ATS
- The importance of follow-up and ‘thank-you’ emails
- Marty’s thoughts on ageism and how to combat it
- His training and events for jobseekers
- The 3 biggest mistakes that job seekers make

Mic Drop Moments

🎤Marty at (02:36 ) - In 2021, we had over 508 members land new jobs.

🎤Marty at (03:25 ) - What the hell do you have to lose by doing things that other job seekers aren’t.

🎤Marty at (04:28 ) - 90% of the job search is marketing and 90% of the marketing is your ability to write well.

🎤Marty at (12:36 ) - You just don’t send it to one person, you send it to every single person that you have had a touch point with.

🎤Marty at (16:40 ) - You have got the experience, and you need to sell it.

🎤Marty at (16:56 ) - Resumes tell but cover letters sell.

🎤Marty at (21:05 ) - They spend too much time answering online ads. That should never take up more than 15% of your job search week. Unfortunately for a lot of people, it consumes so much of their time and that’s not a good way.

🎤Marty at (21:30 ) - Too many people are not accessing the hidden job market.

🎤Marty at (23:19 ) - Who are the industries I want to reach. Who are the companies in all those industries and who are the five or six key people in every one of those companies and now how do I message them, so I get the world out on me? If you take that approach, you will get far more visibility and engagement.

Get in touch with Marty:
NSENG website…
NSENG LinkedIn group…
NSENG’s free membership and webinar recordings…

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💸 Financial Impact of Career Transition:
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- How long will the search take?
- How much of my savings will I have to use?
- What to do with my 401(k), 403(b), pension plans?
- How should I take my severance?
- What happens to my insurance benefits?
- How long will it take to recover?

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The More You Tell, The More You Sell w/ Marty Gilbert

The More You Tell, The More You Sell w/ Marty Gilbert

Trevor Houston