DiscoverRISE podcastThe Most Important Things I Do Every Year [Rebroadcast]
The Most Important Things I Do Every Year [Rebroadcast]

The Most Important Things I Do Every Year [Rebroadcast]

Update: 2019-12-2421


Hey everyone! We hope you're enjoying the holidays just like Rachel and Dave are. As they take some time off to enjoy being with their family, enjoy this rebroadcast from earlier this year. Rachel covers how she reviews her year and sets new goals for her business and career:

One of the most important exercises you can do over the holidays is to take an audit of the previous year and honestly evaluate what you did well, what you could have done better, and how you’ll carry that knowledge into the New Year. That’s exactly what I’m going to do on this week’s episode, explore all the victories and defeats of the biggest year in my company’s existence and discuss how to arm myself with that knowledge moving forward. 


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Jasmine Bamlet

I was just thinking about listening to this episode again! Thanks for sharing this nugget again.

Dec 27th
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The Most Important Things I Do Every Year [Rebroadcast]

The Most Important Things I Do Every Year [Rebroadcast]

Rachel Hollis