DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Music Box S.28 Ep.14
The Music Box S.28 Ep.14

The Music Box S.28 Ep.14

Update: 2020-01-163


Queen Andrea Canning returns to report on a case more suited for Gotham City than quaint small town Massachusetts. It's a tragic murder that takes decades to solve even though half the state is ready to point the finger at any brown haired, brown eyed man who ever did them wrong. K & K dive in- questioning hair choices of people in the 80's, trying to psycho- analyze a killer who is being way too nice, and attempting to imitate a popular superhero who pops up out of no where for the biggest OMG! moment of all time. Holy Specialty Chicken, Batman! It's time for THE MUSIC BOX.

Official Description from NBCU: After Lisa Ziegert is abducted during her evening shift at a gift shop, local detectives, state police and the FBI work relentlessly to find her and solve the case. Andrea Canning reports.

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The Music Box S.28 Ep.14

The Music Box S.28 Ep.14

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