DiscoverHistory ImpossibleThe Muslim Nazis III: Nineteen Twenty Nine
The Muslim Nazis III: Nineteen Twenty Nine

The Muslim Nazis III: Nineteen Twenty Nine

Update: 2021-04-27


1929 was, in a lot of ways, the year the world began its final descent into hell. The stock market crash in the United States would lead to untold misery in much of the Western world and allow for the rise and spread of particularly noxious ideologies across the whole of Europe.

However, on the other side of the world, another "beginning of the end" was taking place, this time between the Jews and Arabs of Palestine, with the events that rocked this tiny nation setting the groundwork for suspicions, resentments, and hatreds for the decades to come.

In the third episode of the tale of the Muslim Nazis, we follow Hajj Amin al-Husseini into his diplomatic battle with the British Mandate of Palestine and his role (or lack thereof?) in this explosion of violence and destruction in his homeland. We see events slipping out of his control that he believed he possessed, all while he fights every battle everywhere in his mind. We see him struggle to maintain his status and play both sides of the conflict as best as he can in order to secure his place at the power broker table.

And above all, we see him make his full transformation into the phase of his life that was defined by his thirst for more power.

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The Muslim Nazis III: Nineteen Twenty Nine

The Muslim Nazis III: Nineteen Twenty Nine

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