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The Oat Debate: Scott’s Milk Quest

The Oat Debate: Scott’s Milk Quest

Update: 2022-10-03


Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be a new plant-based milk? For about 20 years, Scott’s wife Rachel has always been able to enjoy soy milk with her coffee while other plant-based milks have fallen in and out of favor.

However, lately, soy milk seems to be disappearing and is being replaced by the “new kid in town”: oat. And, when Rachel asks questions in coffee shops about the move away from soy, she frequently gets told that she should not be drinking soy milk because its bad for the environment. But, is that actually true? If coffee shops do not carry soy to be more sustainable, then why are they still carrying dairy?

To dive deeper into this, Scott attended the Caffè Culture Expo to get a better understanding about how cafe owners are choosing their milks and how they feel about sustainability.

Then, Scott and Jools deep dive into current research through a website called Our World in Data and talk to environmental sustainability scientist and consultant Dr.
Isaac Emery to get an expert opinion.

Is soy milk actually bad for the environment? Which milk is the most environmentally sustainable? Is this all just a successful oat milk marketing scheme? Find out on The Oat Debate: Scott’s Milk Quest.

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The Oat Debate: Scott’s Milk Quest

The Oat Debate: Scott’s Milk Quest

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper