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The Odd Couple With ODDBO¥

The Odd Couple With ODDBO¥

Update: 2021-12-03


What do you get when creative minds suddenly become idle?
Well, the answer to that could admittedly be anything, but in the case of Jackson Bentley and Ben Heidrich the answer is A LOT.
Better known for their part in more alternate bands Rumours (Bentley) and The Daily Chase (Heidrich), both boys gave in to their inner demons and created the project Oddbo¥ which is about as far removed from their comfort zone as you could get.
Essentially a metal/rap hybrid, but already promising so much more, Oddbo¥ have just released their crushing debut single Cut From The Crypt, with both boys joining HEAVY to chat about the track.
"This song started... I think it was a product of lockdown last year”, Heidrich mused. “I jumped in my home studio and started writing music on the side as a side project from my other band to help develop my skills in the studio and I showed Jackson the track and he was into it straight away. He said let’s get some vocals down and making something of this - because I sort of just had sections, I didn't have a full song - and Jackson came around and we built this thing into a track with a lot of heavy sections and aggressive parts and some spooky noises and weird shit going on. Probably things I couldn't put in my other band, just an outlet of stuff that probably wouldn't fly with my other band (laughs)."
In the full interview, Ben and Jackson talk more about the single, where the ideas came from, why they chose to do something outside of what they are known for, the creepy film clip, future music and more.








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The Odd Couple With ODDBO¥

The Odd Couple With ODDBO¥

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