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Update: 2021-09-1445


Photos from the party give investigators a new lead: a party attendee who was a stranger to nearly everyone at the Valley View that night. What the police uncover make him the new prime suspect.

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Comments (13)

Danielle Beeaff

I do believe Emmanuel should be looked at very closely because often sex crimes are repeated ( aside from race, It doesn’t matter what color an individual is, often sex crimes are repeated). At the same time, they need to look just as closely  at Cameron and Neil !

Oct 1st


I deff don’t think it was appropriate saying one mistake won’t lead to another when speaking about rape. As no one “accidentally” rapes someone. Based on the information...a 15 year old is not an adult able to give consent. So it is understandable that they were looking at him hard because rape tends to be a repeat offense.

Sep 26th


Ridiculous that the narrator is going through such great lengths to defend a guy who raped a 15 year old….

Sep 24th
Reply (1)

Ross Meyer

this host is a fool. it's clear to him that had Emmanuel been white he would never have gone to jail for such minor infractions like firing a gun into a wall, dealing coke, mugging someone....Ummm....the problem here is not that Emmanuel went to jail for this, it's that the host thinks a white person wouldn't (or even worse, shouldn't,) go to jail for such offences. Anyone should go to jail for that..Shit, a businessman was killed by a bullet coming thru his hotel room wall when 3 dumb white men were playing with a gun. I've stopped listening.

Sep 23rd

lisa bradford

m extremely disappointed in the authors of this podcast. they don't want to report the truth, that fair was charged with a set crime bc they obviously don't trust the listener to weigh the information fairly, so they admit that they struggled with including that info in the podcast. I'm so sick of media telling me how to interpret the news. the news should be fact plain and simple and the listener has the burden of determining what the facts mean to specifically themselves. and just to be clear, I'm a 2 time felon and look like absolute shit on paper. but I have to stand by my own mistakes and allow them to be evaluated alongside all the positive changes I have made. I'm not perfect. I just want to be trusted with the truth.

Sep 14th
Reply (6)


Those dang racist cops investigating a murder/rape going after the only guy at the party with a rape charge and a mile long rap sheet,for shame

Sep 14th
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The Old Ways | 4

The Old Ways | 4