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The One ALL About Home Assistant – HGG472

The One ALL About Home Assistant – HGG472

Update: 2020-12-12


This one is all about Home Assistant. Mike gives the ins and the outs, the specs and add-ins and all that it takes to get Home Assistant up and running. So regardless of if you are using a Raspberry PI, Unraid or your own home brew, we have you covered! All that and more!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech for show #472 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Home Assistant

Mike’s Setup

* Running as a VM in Unraid

* You can run the Docker that is found in the Unraid App Store but it is the Core version without so it is recommended to run it as a VM.

* There are just a few steps to get it running as a VM. Takes about 10 minutes. This video is a great guide (20) How to Install Hassio on your unRaid Server in a VM – YouTube

* Mike is using the following integrations

* Belkin Wemo

* Ecobee

* Google Cast

* HACS – Home Assistant Community Store | HACS

* Meteorologisk

* Mobile App – for family iPhones

* myQ Garage Door

* ONVIF – for compatible security cameras

* Phillips Hue

* Plex

* Roku

* SimpliSafe

* Tp-link

* Mike is using the following Add-ons

* Node-Red

* Samba share

* Visual Studio Code – to easily edit your config files

* A few of Mike’s favorite automations

* When Mike’s phone gets within a certain radius of the house the garage door will open.

* If the garage is open for more than 10 minutes it will send an alert to both iPhones in the house

* Sunrise lights go off and Sunset lights come on

* When the garage opens it turns on the hallway lights by the garage on to 50% and then turns them back off after 10 minutes.

* NFC tags

* Home Assistant now supports NFC tags. You can get 30 for $10 and they setup right through the mobile app. Currently have one in the car to close the gara...
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The One ALL About Home Assistant – HGG472

The One ALL About Home Assistant – HGG472

Jim Collison