DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Overlook S.27 Ep.36
The Overlook S.27 Ep.36

The Overlook S.27 Ep.36

Update: 2019-06-131


Sir Mankiewicz of Pocket Square Kingdom is back with an update on an old episode -Texas Twist. So, for the second time are you ready to rethink how often you use spellcheck and thesaurus functions in WORD? Is it a big or small coincidence that Kimberly and Katie have one very important love in common with a young group of Texas friends? ( Spoiler Alert: that thing is Taco Bell).  Will Katie’s best idea yet for a puntastic minty fresh candy finally take off? Will Kimberly ever stop saying the two words that no one should have to hear more than ONE TIME in an episode? And finally a Multiple Choice:  Are Strickland, Spellman & Melcher-    A. suspects in a murder case      B. a new law firm specializing in high price real estate in Dallas         C. a dynamite comedic trio from the olde timey vaudeville stage     D. All of the Above ?   Find out some answers to some old questions and walk away with some new ones with this very special episode of A Date With Dateline.

Official Description from NBCU:

Two young women are shot and left for dead on a beach in Texas. After one miraculously survives, she is determined to find out who the attacker is. When someone is eventually convicted, the long road to justice seems to be complete until a stunning twist raises a question – could the wrong man be in prison? Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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The Overlook S.27 Ep.36

The Overlook S.27 Ep.36

A Date With Dateline- Kimberly and Katie