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The Parental feat. Eddie Gonzalez

The Parental feat. Eddie Gonzalez

Update: 2021-04-13


Bi-Coastal parenting can be rough. Rougher still when you're dealing with the limitations of COVID-19 and having to coordinate and co-parent with 3 different mothers. On this episode we welcome in Eddie Gonzalez to share how he's able to manage and maintain being an active father in his 3 children's lives.

He also shares how he flipped social media critiques of NBA super star Kevin Durant to landing a gig as KD's co-host on The ETCs podcast.

We also get into...

🎙 How KGB & his wife explained Jay-Z' "99 Problems" to their 8 y/o son

🎙 Laying a proper foundation can avoid worrying about your kid's decision making

🎙 Not hearing "I Love You"

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The Parental feat. Eddie Gonzalez

The Parental feat. Eddie Gonzalez

DJ EFN, KGB and Manny Digital