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The Patcast: Farewell My Friend

The Patcast: Farewell My Friend

Update: 2019-05-021


In the ultimate tribute, Jeff has recorded one final Patcast and dedicated it to Jason. It's a series of thoughts and memories of the great times the two spent recording each week and how much they enjoyed producing the podcast.
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RIP Botch... RIP Patcast... I do hope Jeff, that your future includes more podcasting. Botch & you were a dynamic duo, and I do not wish to diminish his memory in any way, but you are also a godsend to sports coverage in Beautiful British Columbia. Your's is a voice that has resonated with me for many years, and I do hope that you will pay tribute to Botch by finding an avenue with which to continue doing what you do, as I am certain that he would want you to. You may not have 'Do ur Dekes, Bro' , but I love 'Do SUUUMthing!' just as much. Every Cherry, has it's Mclean, but I think you are more than just the sidekick. As much as I could not wait for the Provies/Athleties, Neither could I wait for your TSN segments, or Road Reports, or fill-in-host assignments. This final Patcast was amazing, and cathartic, and the end of a great podcast. Please do not let it be the end of we fans hearing from you in this format, however. . Botch would certainly not have wanted that. My most sincere thoughts to the Botchford family. Craig B. also a 48yo sports fan...God help me...

May 4th
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The Patcast: Farewell My Friend

The Patcast: Farewell My Friend

Jeff Paterson and Jason Botchford