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The Path To Redemption | WES WATSON

The Path To Redemption | WES WATSON

Update: 2020-06-111


All of us have fallen behind or gotten off track somewhere in our lives (some more than others). Only some decide to get back on track and take control of their lives – to redeem themselves if you will. And, who doesn’t respect the hell out of a man who has hit rock bottom and risen from the ashes?

That’s why I wanted to invite Wes Watson on the podcast. He’s arguably one of the most influential men I’ve had the honor of talking with because of his no-BS, straight-talking approach to improving your life. Today we talked about Wes’ 10-year prison sentence, the power of gratitude in dire circumstances, overcoming regret and shame, developing a new stream of consciousness, and how to build your own redemption story.


  • Cognitive dissonance
  • Running from pain
  • Personal growth
  • External distractions
  • Levering emotional motivation
  • Giving yourself away
  • Bringing worth to life
  • Creating daily systems
  • Regret is your guideline
  • Shifting your mindset
  • Another chance at life
  • Sharing your F*ck-ups
  • Re-writing books
  • Managing negative energy
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Elevating yourself
  • Living out of an abundance


My guest today is Wes Watson, strength and fitness coach, but he’s so much more than that. Wes simply uses health and fitness as a medium for transforming your mind and your life.

Wes spent 10-years in prison and was quickly spiraling into a life of chaos and destruction but while serving his prison sentence, he began to transform his life through the power of his thoughts and daily actions.

After being released from prison, Wes has become one of the most powerful voices in self-development, has built a massively successful business, and has inspired thousands of people to transform their own lives through his mentorship and coaching.

You’re going to hear in this conversation why I wanted Wes to join us as the fire he brings can’t help but motivate and inspire you to get your life on track.


Gents, we’re rapidly approaching father’s day and, as we do, it was important to me that inside of the Iron Council we have a discussion about redeeming the relationship with our fathers.

Regardless of your relationship with your father, it’s likely that some conversations have been left unsaid and there is a strain between you and him. And, regardless of your ability/desire to reconcile with your father, there are steps you can take to come to terms with the relationship that you have with him so you can drive on in your own life with clarity, focus, direction, and purpose as a man.

These aren’t comfortable conversations, challenges, and discussions we’re having inside the Iron Council this month but they’re completely necessary if you want to break the chains that may have been holding you back from becoming the man you’re wanting to become – not the boy in his father’s shadow.

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Zane Dugger

I believe this is your best podcast to date! Wes is an amazing dude and he definitely highlighted the fact that I must be still in bitch mode!

Jun 11th
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The Path To Redemption | WES WATSON

The Path To Redemption | WES WATSON