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The Pilot with Josh Schwartz

The Pilot with Josh Schwartz

Update: 2021-04-278


Rachel and Melinda break down the pilot episode with guest, The OC Creator & Executive Producer, Josh Schwartz. Find out what song from the show Josh can't stand to listen to anymore, the scene that almost wasn't, and how these two guest stars became series regulars!

Pilot Synopsis: Troubled teen Ryan Atwood is arrested for stealing a car and meets public defender Sandy Cohen, who instantly takes an interest in the boy. After Ryan’s mom kicks him out, Sandy brings Ryan home with him, introducing him to the affluent world of Orange County’s Newport Beach.

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Comments (8)


I want to go back in time...I was in high school. I love this podcast.

Jun 12th

Brandi Brock

Yes, bitches!!

May 4th

Jozigal M

This is the best! Can't wait for next week!

Apr 30th

erica ortega

I loved the pilot! This makes me want to go back and rematch the show. ❤Seth Cohen

Apr 27th
Reply (3)


Love this! The banter and easy chat between the three of you is so lovely to hear. definitely making me smile and not worry about the fact that this was my youth and now I'm old haha.

Apr 27th
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The Pilot with Josh Schwartz

The Pilot with Josh Schwartz

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