DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Pink Skirt Plot S.28 Ep.4
The Pink Skirt Plot S.28 Ep.4

The Pink Skirt Plot S.28 Ep.4

Update: 2019-10-242


K & K may have taken a week off, but Dateline never sleeps... and NO ONE is sleeping on this amazing story. True heroes are still out there and this episode has more than a couple. The sweetest of our champions being an older Jewish man name Abe, whom after profound tragedy spent years traveling the globe to bring his son's black widow wife to justice. Yet, Kimberly still can't manage to clean out the back seat of her car. But, she did manage to coin a new phrase for the other heroes in this episode who are a different kind of sweet... more of an eye candy variety. Eye rolling and fake gagging noises may begin now. Natalie Morales is on the scene in Puerto Rico and K & K are here for both her classy white jumpsuit and top-notch interview skills. So kick off your wedges, grab a pina colada and get ready for some seriously sociopathic criminal activity and some seriously butchered accents in this very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline!

Official Description from NBCU: The murder of a young businessman in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico marks the start of a 15-year hunt and an international game of cat and mouse to find the killer. Natalie Morales reports.

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The Pink Skirt Plot S.28 Ep.4

The Pink Skirt Plot S.28 Ep.4

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