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The Pleiadians On Earth's Initiation

The Pleiadians On Earth's Initiation

Update: 2021-09-051


We have emphasized your value as well as that of Earth. She is your mother, she feels you, and she knows your name. In her quest for understanding, she has allowed a grave misuse of energy and has even allowed herself to lose her true identity by being raped and abused by humankind.


In order for Earth to make the necessary leap that will affect all of this universe, a cleansing and healing—an initiation—must take place. In an initiation, you must pass through the bowels of hell—through that which appears to want to destroy you and limit you. Actually, you face that which you fear. If you find yourself immersed in what you fear, hold the image of who you are as a whole and happy being and transmute the energy of fear by learning about yourself.


You energize fearful thoughtforms into being. When your energy field no longer holds the fear, what you fear no longer has the life to destroy you. Initiation concludes a series of tests that bring you to mastery within a part of existence. Earth is going through an initiation and will guide you through the process as well. Earth is on the crux of an identity crisis.


There have been summits and meetings by environmental organizations that act as if Band-Aids will fix things in time. No. There is no fixing the dam as the bricks crack, crumble, and fall. What is this dam? It is all of the ideas, structures, and belief systems that hold the waters of consciousness together. You are made from water, dear friends. Earth is going to go through tumultuous changes.


After studying the records of Earth and of many worlds, we see this probability as being inevitable because of the extensive polarity on your planet. Rest assured that the more you pollute and destroy Earth, the more energy will go into shifting and shaking to clean things up. Humans who do not operate with love of self and love of the planet will be departing in vast numbers very quickly after exposure to the rays entering Earth. This is part of the electromagnetic change of the civilization. In death, the human vehicle moves consciousness into another realm.


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The Pleiadians On Earth's Initiation

The Pleiadians On Earth's Initiation

Brian Scott