DiscoverA Date With DatelineThe Plot Thickens S.21 Ep.1
The Plot Thickens S.21 Ep.1

The Plot Thickens S.21 Ep.1

Update: 2019-12-193


This week Kimberly and Katie are traveling back to a simpler time with Sir Mankie with the Hankie. Actually, the crime is extremely complicated and the Dateline episode discussed is filled with Hollywood cuts and special effects, but the saying doesn't go "traveling back to a complicated more extreme time". Anyhow- due to scheduling and the holidays, we’ve decided to do a Kimberly’s Newly Discovered Favorite! THE PLOT THICKENS! For this very special episode of A Date with Dateline, K & K head to Hollywood, where their spot on impressions of the movie My Cousin Vinny will hopefully land them starring roles in the next Joe Pesci movie! No? Can they be extras? No? Will they be allowed to see the movie in the theatres? If they purchase tickets? Ok then!

We’ll also be dissecting 6 Degrees of Hit Men, RE-hit notes, apologetically polite hit men, and the 458 other twists in this episode, all without batting an eye. Please enjoy this very very special hollyday (as in Hollywood) episode of A Date with Dateline!

Official Description from IMDB: Dateline investigates the shooting attack on Hollywood stuntman Garrett Warren and examines whether his ex-girlfriend was involved. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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The Plot Thickens S.21 Ep.1

The Plot Thickens S.21 Ep.1

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