The Police

The Police

Update: 2020-04-146


Shapearl enters a legal battle with the City of Chicago, to get them to release videos from the night Courtney died. She contacts a journalism organization called the Invisible Institute and teams up with them to investigate the case. With this added pressure, the city releases the videos, and Shapearl and her family gather to watch. New information prompts the Invisible Institute and Shapearl to re-examine the case.

A co-production of Topic Studios, The Intercept, the Invisible Institute, and iHeartRadio, in association with Tenderfoot TV.

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Host: Shapearl Wells

Producers: Alison Flowers and Bill Healy

Story Editor: Sarah Geis

Associate Producer: Ellen Glover

Executive Producer, Invisible Institute: Jamie Kalven

Executive Producers, Topic Studios: Maria Zuckerman, Christy Gressman and Leital Molad with Special Thanks to Lizzie Jacobs

Supervising Producer, The Intercept: Roger Hodge

Sound Design: Carl Scott and Bart Warshaw

Mix Engineer: Michael Raphael

Theme Song: “Everybody’s Something,” Chance the Rapper

Additional Reporting: Sam Stecklow, Annie Nguyen, Kahari Blackburn, Rajiv Sinclair, Henri Adams, Matilda Vojak, Dana Brozost-Kelleher, Frances McDonald, Diana Akmakjian, Andrew Fan, Erisa Apantaku and Maddie Anderson.

Translation Support: Benny Hernandez Ocampo and Emma Perez

Fact Checking: Nawal Arjini

Original Music: Eric Butler and Nate Fox of the Social Experiment

Special thanks to Chaclyn Hunt, Maira Khwaja, Andrew Fan, Anwuli Anigbo, Trina Reynolds-Tyler, Sukari Stone, Erisa Apantaku, Craig Futterman, Rick Rowley, Yanilda Gonzalez, Forrest Stuart, Mariah Garcia, Sarah Kinter, Shannon Heffernan, Aaron Moselle, Alan Mills, Vidura Jong-Bahadur, Jason Schumer, Justin Williams and the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Media Center, Matt Topic, Chris Rasmussen, Bennett Epstein, David Bralow and Julie Wolf.

Theme song “Everybody’s Something” by Chancelor J. Bennett and DJ Ozone with compositions by Roger Karsher, Chuck Magione and James Yancey of Universal Music Publishing Group and Slum Village (R.L. Altman III, Titus Glover/Baatin, J Dilla); recording artist/performance by Chance the Rapper, appearing courtesy of himself and Chance the Rapper LLC.

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Comments (9)

Laura Eckmann

Their defensive is exactly the problem with police departments. They won't acknowledge there are bad cops. They won't acknowledge racism is a problem in the police department.

May 26th

Erin Lovett

These cops are assholes to her. Most cops are to everyone really. They are NEVER told they're wrong they are NEVER policed themselves, so any time they are called out they are so angry. Police lie, they are told to lie, they are trained to lie. Just like they lied when they said it's illegal to record their conversation!!!! That is our ONLY power over them and that is the ONLY way we can get the police force as a whole to change- to work for the people as they're supposed to. We need policing of the police. It's so unfortunate. It is so sad for this grieving mother.

Apr 24th


The disrespect this woman faced is so disgraceful. In order to cover their own cowardly asses they gaslit a mother whose son had been shot.

Apr 18th
Reply (1)


Oh please, those cops are so full of it. There's a reason why the Chicago Police have always had such a terrible reputation, even among those who haven't been directly affected by their corruption and violence.

Apr 17th
Reply (1)

Busy Livin

towards the end of this show it sounded like 2 audio's were playing at the save time. was it supposed to be like that? I would like to hear what was being said in the phonecall in the background, at least it sounded like a phonecall.

Apr 17th

Nellie Fly

Recording public servants like corrupt Chgo cops is perfectly legal. They work for us. Typical.

Apr 17th

Nellie Fly

Strong Momma❤️

Apr 17th
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The Police

The Police