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The Post-Punk Explosion Part 1: New Wave

The Post-Punk Explosion Part 1: New Wave

Update: 2021-03-103


If you’ve been around enough, you may remember those special times when you know  that you’re in a middle of music history being made…

You might be old enough to remember the early 90s…so much new and cool music—led by grunge but supported by all manner of alternative music—came out in ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94, and ’95 that you just knew you were in the midst of a very special time…

It felt that not a day went by without there being a new song, a new artist, a new sound, and a new scene worth checking out…it was the alternative revolution—and it was awesome… and so much of it seemed directed at and just perfect just for you…

But that was hardly the first time something like this happened…those who were teenagers in the middle 50s knew they were part of something special during the birth of rock’n’roll…

The history of the 1960s was largely written in the music of that decade…starting with the Beatles in 1964, every day seemed to bring something new, exciting, and groundbreaking…

If you were tied in with punk in the 70s, there was a sense among you and your friends that it was a really special time for music…

But what i want to talk about is the era that came immediately after punk…punk changed the way people looked at music, breaking down artistic, social, and demographic barriers…basically, a new generation of musicians ripped it rock and started again…that’s punk in a nutshell…

But that attitude didn’t end with the original punk rock explosion…instead, we saw an unstoppable chain reaction with resulted in sounds and styles and scenes that could not have been possible without punk…

These sounds weren’t punk, but you could tell by listening that something like punk had to have happened for this music to exist…

We now call this the post-punk era…and this period of time—roughly from 1978 through to the middle 80s—created the foundations for the alternative revolution in the 90s and beyond…

This is the post-punk explosion part 1…and we begin with this thing called “new wave”…

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The Post-Punk Explosion Part 1: New Wave

The Post-Punk Explosion Part 1: New Wave