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The Power Of Social Media w/ Yesim Saydan

The Power Of Social Media w/ Yesim Saydan

Update: 2022-03-31


In this episode, we invite Yesim Saydan. She is a 5-lingual Social Media Strategist with extensive international experience. Her Social Media Consultancy helps Startups & Entrepreneurs reach their business goals by bringing out-of-box thinking to their Social Media Marketing.

What you will learn:

- Yesim’s journey of getting started as a social media manager
- Importance of social media for job search
- Platforms to look at as a jobseeker
- Importance of personal branding
- How to find decision-makers, engage with them and build relationships
- Yesim's opinion about using paid ads on social media

Mic Drops:

🎤Yesim at (03:05 ) - You only live once.

🎤Trevor at (04:50 ) - If the company won’t hire you, you need to hire yourself. And that’s exactly what Yesim did.

🎤Yesim at (5:35 ) - For the people who want to do it now, this year is the perfect opportunity because the creator economy is here, and it’s only getting stronger.

🎤Trevor at (06:40 ) - All the main platforms have monetization programs. They literally pay content creators. YouTube, they pay you. LinkedIn now has it. You can get paid from all these platforms. If you are good at it, they may even pay you a little cash flow to be on that platform.

🎤Trevor at (12:35 ) - Let’s say you go and find a piece of content from Chase, and it’s an article. Go leave your thoughts on that article.

🎤Yesim at (14:20 ) - What I really recommend is that you come up with a list of companies that would be really your ideal. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Let’s say this month maybe you’re going to pay attention to 10 companies. So then, find the head of the department. I would not only reach out to HR but the head of the department who is the decision maker. That’s how I find all of my jobs.

🎤Yesim at (15:15 ) - I would send them a compliment. Then I would start leaving a comment, a thoughtful comment on their posts.

🎤Yesim at (16:22 ) - If I have followed you for a few days now, I can even leave a comment where I’m saying, ‘Oh you know, I really liked what you said because of this, and tying it with what you said two days ago.’

🎤Trevor at (17:10 ) - First, identify the company that you want to work for. Then identify the people in that company that you want to talk to. And go ring their freaking bell. Instead of trying to connect with them, ring the dang bell and go leave some value on their content.

🎤Yesim at (23:30 ) - Trevor please consider me a resource also to open a room in the audio room for your show. I would be very happy to pay it forward.

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The Power Of Social Media w/ Yesim Saydan

The Power Of Social Media w/ Yesim Saydan

Trevor Houston