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The Power Of Two with Heather & Corrie Miracle

The Power Of Two with Heather & Corrie Miracle

Update: 2022-11-15


Most people who sell custom decorated sugar cookies have at least heard of Heather & Corrie Miracle (AKA The Miracle Twins), who are best known for their extremely popular Facebook group, Sugar Cookie Marketing.

They started that group only two years ago, and now it has over 36,000 members!

But they didn’t stop there. Here are some of the other things they now have on their plate:

  • Grow & maintain three other Facebook groups
  • Host the popular “Baking It Down” podcast
  • Run “The Cookie College” paid membership (700+ members)
  • Operate a sugar cookie cottage food business
  • Conduct in-person sugar cookie decorating classes
  • Post consistently in over a half-dozen social media accounts
  • Do client work for their digital marketing agency

In short, what Heather & Corrie have accomplished is simply incredible!

But how did they get to this point? What drives them? Why are they successful? And do they get any sleep?

In this episode, you’ll hear the backstory that led them to create Sugar Cookie Marketing, and naturally, they share plenty of great business advice along the way!

This is the first half of Heather & Corrie’s interview. You will find the other half of the interview in Episode #76.

What You’ll Learn

  • The benefits and challenges of leaving your day job to become an entrepreneur
  • Why Heather & Corrie’s relationship is “toxically healthy”
  • Why online marketing is the way of the future
  • What it’s like to think like a marketer
  • How the pandemic inverted the sugar cookie trend
  • Why you shouldn’t try to underprice your competition
  • Ways to automate your business and boost productivity
  • The importance of setting boundaries in business
  • Why you can definitely start a business, even when you don’t think you’re talented enough
  • How to niche down in your business instead of trying to cater to everyone
  • How to deal with adversity from potential customers
  • Who is the favorite twin?


Sugar Cookie Marketing website (Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | LinkedIn)

Heather & Corrie’s Facebook groups:

Baking It Down Podcast

The Cookie College (paid membership)

Heather & Corrie’s Other Businesses:

Eddie Edible Ink Printer

Virginia Cottage Food Law

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The Power Of Two with Heather & Corrie Miracle

The Power Of Two with Heather & Corrie Miracle

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