DiscoverGet Real With Dr. FriedemannThe Power of Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection | GR117
The Power of Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection | GR117

The Power of Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection | GR117

Update: 2021-11-18


In my training to become a physician, I was taught that as humans, our bodies and minds are fallible, and we need doctors to rush in and fix them.

Since my training and through a lot of research, I found that there is so much more potential in each and every one of our cells to adapt, change and heal than most of us are even aware of. Meaning that each of us has the full potential to heal ourselves, we just haven’t learned how to tap into that yet.

Now what would be like if there was a way to heal even more profound accelerated ways, that included the mind, body, heart and soul healing all at once?

Well, my guest today is physician Master Sha who is also trained in Chinese medicine and many of the Chinese philosophies and energy healing techniques. He joins me today to discuss and teach about the how and why behind the potential we have to heal ourselves. 

Dr Friedemann’s Takeaways:

Intro (00:00 )

What Is Western Medicine Missing? (1:38 )

Are Cells Missing Energy? (8:30 )

How Does The Soul Need Healing (10:37 )

Calligraphy Wall (19:20 )

Tao Meditation (24:45 )

Meet Master Sha:

Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao grandmaster, healer, teacher, and author of 30 books, including 11 New York Times bestsellers and several others on the bestseller lists of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon. He has an MD degree in Western medicine from China and is also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Master Sha has combined the essence of Western medicine with ancient wisdom to create Soul Mind Body Medicine and Tao teachings to help humanity. He is a grandmaster of several Asian arts and in 2002 was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fourth World Congress on Qigong. With the creation of Tao Calligraphy, he received the highest honors a Chinese calligrapher can receive, being appointed to the position of National Chinese Calligrapher Master as well as Honorable Researcher Professor by the State Ethnic Academy of Painting in Beijing, China.

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Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD, is the award-winning author of The Fear + Anxiety Solution. Dr. Schaub has helped thousands of people with his Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment program to overcome their fear and anxiety by addressing the deeper, subconscious root causes of these emotional challenges.

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The Power of Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection | GR117

The Power of Healing Through The Mind-Body Connection | GR117

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