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The Power of Keeping It Real

The Power of Keeping It Real

Update: 2019-10-11


MAKE YOUR OWN RULES. If you want to become a social media star, you have to find your voice and carve out your niche. It’s important to be flexible and open to change- as long as you stay authentic. Staying flexible with your vision could keep you from being pigeon-holed in your industry. Staying YOU will keep your followers interested. If you stay consistent, keep creating, and have fun, you will find your core audience. For this Five Minute Friday, I revisit a conversation I had with Justine Ezarik, where she shared her creative process and the philosophy behind her social media empire. Justine is a social media powerhouse. When she isn’t busy being a YouTube personality, she’s busy being a producer, writer, and author. Justine made her mark in the industry creating videos about tech, travel, and gaming. Her loyal following includes over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and almost two million followers on Instagram and Twitter. Justine says that you need to be creative and unlimited when it comes to life and business. Learn how to be successful on your terms in Episode 861.

In This Episode You Will Learn:
How to have fun and create content without stressing goals (22:30)
The importance of not being pigeon-holed in your industry (23:15)
Building your brand on authenticity (26:33)
How to make decisions based on the opportunities that come to you (26:50)

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The Power of Keeping It Real

The Power of Keeping It Real

Lewis Howes