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The Power of Uncomfortable Truths, Part 2 | SEAN WHALEN

The Power of Uncomfortable Truths, Part 2 | SEAN WHALEN

Update: 2020-08-044


Back by popular demand is my good friend and long-time mentor, Sean Whalen. I had Sean join me several months ago and the feedback I received was so overwhelmingly positive that I knew I needed to have him back on the podcast.

Although you may not agree with everything we talk about today, the social climate we live in demands those who are unabashedly unafraid of speaking their minds and giving us a glimpse into perspectives we may not otherwise consider.

This is a powerful follow-up to our conversation several months ago about what is going on in culture today and what a man needs to do to navigate these interesting times.


  • Paying to play
  • Survival of the fittest
  • Helping other people
  • Truth is truth
  • The blame-game
  • Doing shit differently
  • Living an exceptional life
  • COVID-19 fallout
  • The true reality
  • Being fat, dumb, and healthy
  • Ensuring our safety
  • Focusing on you
  • Investing in relationships


Gents, today I have the honor of introducing you yet again to my friend, Sean Whalen.

Although he and I don’t always agree, I genuinely admire his passion and enthusiasm for life, adventure, and new experiences. In fact, this conversation was recorded between him racing cars and qualifying for competitive racing.

You’re going to get a lot of information from this one and, at the very least, you’ll be motivated and inspired to do more with your life.


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Peter E

Sean was a bit abrasive to listen to but the mindset/passion is definitely there

Aug 5th
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The Power of Uncomfortable Truths, Part 2 | SEAN WHALEN

The Power of Uncomfortable Truths, Part 2 | SEAN WHALEN