DiscoverMy Perfect FailureThe Power of Visualisation with Ashanti Johnson
The Power of Visualisation with Ashanti Johnson

The Power of Visualisation with Ashanti Johnson

Update: 2020-08-29


  MPF discussion with Ashanti Johnson

The Power of visualisation with Ashanti Johnson

 About Ashanti

Mental Fitness Expert and founder of 360.Mind.Body.Soul, Ashanti Johnson, created 360MBS in 2010 for those ready for a mental and physical change. This group fitness gym offers 4 fitness floors including a barre, cycle and functional training studio with over 50 classes taught per week by 15 certified fitness Instructors.

 Ashanti herself battled weight gain throughout her teens and 20s and noticed a key pattern that her weight gain was a side effect of her stress level & emotionality. Once she began to acknowledge her inner turmoil, connecting her mind to her body and building her spiritual connection, the weight fell off with little effort.

 She got certified in 2005 in Group Fitness and Personal Training through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as well as Senior Fitness, Pound and over the years began to teach everything from kickboxing to meditation. She realized through her own story getting fit has as much to do with diet and exercise as self-love and "mental fitness." She began 360 doing mental fitness workshops in addition to fitness classes and meal plans and the results lead to over 25,000 pounds lost in the past 8 years.

 Ashanti did a Tedx Talk about the Power of Visualization and how we can manifest our visions through mental fitness. She continues to speak and teach about the mind, body, soul connection online and in person monthly.

 On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Power of Visualisation) Ashanti explains the power of visualisation, how she has used visulisation to transform her life and also the lives of her clients.  On this episode Ashanti explains how we to can use visulisation to transform our lives. Some of the areas we cover.

 ·         Ashanti explains visulisation 

·         Today Ashanti has successfully helped Chicagoland lose over 50,000 in wight loss

·         We learn Ashanti’s 3 steps to successfully visualise 

·         Ashanti explains why “Going through the motions is the death of contemplation”

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The Power of Visualisation with Ashanti Johnson

The Power of Visualisation with Ashanti Johnson

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