DiscoverJumbleThinkThe Power of a B2B Business with Ray Agliata
The Power of a B2B Business with Ray Agliata

The Power of a B2B Business with Ray Agliata

Update: 2020-03-17


Many businesses are known for their products and services as a business to consumer offerings, but there are many businesses that thrive by serving the needs of other businesses. B2B businesses build long term relationships with other businesses and support them in building success. In today's show, we sit down with Ray Agliata to learn how B2B is an often overlooked segment of the business world in local communities. These companies can help to make or break local communities while building long term relationships with the companies they serve. We also discuss: building your business network, B2B vs B2C business models, being a serial entrepreneur, seeing opportunity, Real Estate, and growth strategies for your life and business.

Ray Agliata is an entrepreneur and owner of Cornerstone Property and Realty Services. He is also the host of the brand new podcast the Ray Agliata Show. Ray started his career as a bail bondsman, and eventually got into the property preservation business.

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About Ray Agliata
A proven leader, Ray has spent the last 20 years working in various industries in managerial positions. He is an entrepreneur and has had tremendous success in building startups from scratch and growing small companies.

Ray's industry experiences vary greatly and include surety insurance, real estate, retail, restaurants, and field service management, but his specialty is to grow and develop a company through the implementation of systems as well as strong, hands-on managerial style. As he says 'I like to fix what’s broken, exploit what works, and implement what is needed, in order to grow a company into a successful business venture.' His strengths are in daily operations, in the COO role, including business planning and strategy, marketing and sales, risk assessment, as well as P&L and forecasting.

Outside of work his passion lies in helping others and giving back to the community. He proudly served on the board of directors for Anchor House, as well as Allies. Both are non-profit organizations.








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The Power of a B2B Business with Ray Agliata

The Power of a B2B Business with Ray Agliata

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