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The Premonition S.28 Ep.9

The Premonition S.28 Ep.9

Update: 2019-11-213


Guess who’s back, back again? Andrea’s back (from maternity leave), tell a friend (or a criminal because they should know that now is not a good time to commit a crime because Andrea’s back)! It’s THE PREMONITION, which means that K & K will be discussing the world famous Psychic Sisters (of Pennsylvania). Will they solve the case? More importantly, will they claim they solved the case? And most importantly, how do they know the Soup Nazi and what crazy reddit thread do you have to be a part of to score an invite to psychic tea parties? Other topics include the island pigs from the Fyre Festival, and quite possibly the thicket thin blue line we’ve seen on Dateline. So crack open a cold on and enjoy this extra extra tall episode of A Date with Dateline...cause this bud's for you.

Official Description from NBCU: A Pennsylvania father has a premonition that he’ll be murdered and the case will go unsolved. Weeks later, he is found stabbed to death. But would the case go unsolved? Andrea Canning reports.

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This episode is dedicated to the lovely Patronus Amanda J! Keep on running and punning and having fun…ing! And thank you for your dedicated support. Remember that you can get dozens of full length guaca-episodes and bonus content by joining our Patreon at the Loving Life Level!

This week’s promo is from one of our favorite podcasts, Theses Are There Stories with Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn! You should listen to EVERY episode, but the episodes we are in are from April 11, 2018, May 9, 2018, February 13, 2019, and April 10, 2019. But seriously listen to every episode because they have great guest stars each week (our weeks excluded, obviously) and because Kevin and Rebecca’s hilarious banter gives us life. 

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The Premonition S.28 Ep.9

The Premonition S.28 Ep.9

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